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Cloud AccountingWho Are We?

We are a solutions focused company who in consultation with you, provide solutions to everyday business problems.

We specialize in cloud accounting software solutions to help you monitor & measure the financial health of your organisation in the most efficient cost effective way. Without this vital first step, being able to plan, develop and grow your business products, services or team will not be possible. If you do not have current financial performance results, you cannot make accurate financial decisions.

Furthermore we also scope, consult and co-ordinate with other specialists for every aspect of your day to day business activity.

There is one journey that marks the significant difference between being an owner of a small business and the leader of a growing business that goes from strength to strength.

That journey is outlined below:

1. Sales & Marketing

How do you attract & win loyal customers, keep them satisfied and build a strong reputation of value?

At Office Overload we can assist you in,

  • Building those relationships
  • Advertising your website
  • Design a new website or maintenance & upgrade of your current website
  • Search engine optimization – Google, etc.
  • Branding & advertising material – business cards, brochures, etc.
  • First impressions – what your clients see, feel and experience from the very first point of contact and beyond
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.)
  • Telemarketing

2. Processes & Systems

How will your company run smoothly whilst consistently meeting the promises you make to your customers – no matter how large you grow?

At Office Overload we can assist you in:

  • Implementation & training on a new cloud based accounting system (mainly Xero, but we can also assist with Intuit, Reckon One and MYOB Online)
  • Implementation & training on other related cloud applications (job costing, stock control, point of sale, payroll, etc.)
  • Manual Filing & filing systems
  • Data base creation & maintenance

3. Financial Control

How do you keep your margins high, costs low and stay in control while producing a healthy balance sheet?

At Office overload we can assist you in:

  • Maintaining your accounting system in part or in full
  • Management reporting – monthly or quarterly in line with your BAS
  • Budgets
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Year end interaction between you and your chartered accountant

4. Capable People

How do you attract, recruit and lead people who can run your business efficiently while you pursue bigger opportunities?

At Office Overload we can assist you in:

  • Recruiting and training new employees
  • Train and up-skill existing employees
  • Employment contracts for your employees
  • Provide skilled Office Overload Contractors to maintain your administration, accounting and payroll function without the hassle surrounding permanent employment. If you need part time staff on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you require a contractor for 1 hour or more or simply one off assistance to get on top of your paperwork, we can tailor make a solution for you.

5. Business Leader Navigation

How can you become liberated from day to day business activities to find, pursue and seize bigger opportunities to grow your business & maximize shareholder value? Work on your business and not in your business!

At Office Overload we can assist you in:

  • Implementation of item 1 – 4 internally
  • Business planning
  • Succession planning