Bookkeeping & Admin Services

Do you need regular or occasional help with your books?

Bookkeeping ServicesWe employ a number of experienced bookkeepers who can be used on all sizes of bookkeeping work. Whether you need a couple of hours a month to finish off accounts preparation before the GST return is filed, or you want someone for a couple of weeks to get on top of the paperwork, we can provide the resources for you.

Experienced Staff

Our staff have all worked in bookkeeping in a variety of companies and will quickly get on with the books and make sure everything is suitably recorded.

We are used to dealing with the major accounting packages like MYOB and Quickbooks desktop but prefer to work in a cloud environment using the latest technology and software available for the business of today like Xero, Intuit Quickbooks Online, MYOB Online and Reckon One.

Office Filing and Database Loading

If you have just returned from a seminar with a pocket full of cards and need them loaded onto your database – give us a call

Monthly Bookkeeping & Management Accounting

Every business and industry type has a different setup structure and require a unique approach to record keeping, administration, marketing, policies & procedures, Health & Safety, compliance (GST, Income Tax, Fringe Benefits, Super), staff and Human Resource Management. That is why we look at every aspect of the business to identify where the systems are lacking and where improvements can be made in the form of new systems, staff training, business development, etc.

We do not only data enter historical transactions, run payroll and produce a Business Activity Statement and a bunch of reports for our clients, we do so much more…..

We also provide monthly management reports that have been scrutinised and analysed with comments and items to look at and discuss. This enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and warn you if anything is going off course. With Xero you can discuss your current data with your accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, board of directors and bankers and make sound decisions based on accurate real time data!


ConsultationWe will listen to your vision, ensure we understand what you want to achieve.


AnalysisWe will ensure we understand your business and your processes and match the best solution to suit your industry, making sure this is sustainable into the future


ImplementationWe will set up, design and customise your new process and software solutions to meet your business needs on time and within budget


TrainingWe will train the whole team and provide continued support to ensure everyone is competent and comfortable with the new process and software application implemented


MaintenanceWe want to give you the skills and knowledge to be able to maintain your own financial data in house, so you are in control of your business and it’s performance measures. If you do not want to be involved in this process we will be more than happy to design a package to suit your needs and provide the staff to help you achieve this

Training and Tools

MaintenanceWe give you the tools & teach you how to take control of your financial data with minimal effort

Affordable Pricing

Affordable PricingWe tailor the package to suit your needs and budget

Customised for You

Customised For YouCustomised to your business needs so it is easy to maintain and is sustainable into the future

Unparalleled Support

SupportWe will provide phone and email support every step of the way


SecurityYour data is encrypted and safe in the cloud.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction GuaranteedWe will go the extra mile to give service satisfaction – Guaranteed

There is one journey that marks the significant difference between being an owner of a small business and the leader of a growing business that goes from strength to strength.

Office Systems

Are your office procedures as efficient as they could be? There is always room for improvement.

Organising Your Office Systems to Suit Your Business

A properly organised office will…

  • Save you money
  • Save you time
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce frustration
  • Provide rules for dealing with the in-tray and inbox

Once your office systems are in place and you know that everything is in the right place or on the right action list, you can relax. Nothing should fall through the gaps and you’ll know when to pay the bills, when to call your prospects back and so on.

This relaxation will allow you to think creatively about plans for the business and allow you to regain control of your life both at work and at home.

How Do You Work?

When we design office systems, we make sure that they match your way of working. Do you visit customers, or do they come to you? If you are based in your office all the time you have easy access to files but if you leave the office to see clients on their site a different solution may be necessary. We customise solutions to fit your needs.

If You Are on the Road

If you are a salesman on the road, you need efficient systems to record expenses as you go and keep the relevant documents. You’ll also need to record contacts you make with your clients and record follow up actions. One of Xero’s many features is the Expense Claims section, never lose a receipt as all expenses can be claimed remotely and authorised in the office.

Simplify Staff Changes

With properly documented policies and procedures, should you lose or promote a member of staff, a new recruit to the role can quickly get up to speed. Having comprehensive staff tasks and job description lists can eliminate down time and reduce training and on-boarding requirements.

Work on Your Business and Not in Your Business!

By making your systems more efficient, you will free up time to concentrate on those areas where you can add value to your business and relationships.

Planning to Exit the Business?

An organised, well managed company, or one whose books or client database is in disarray – which would you pick?

Franchising Your Business

If you are thinking that your business can be franchised, you will need to have all your procedures fully documented so that new franchisees can run their business from day one. Think of McDonald’s and you know you get a consistent Big Mac on every visit – and its because everyone follows the same instructions.

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Accounting Tips

How to Save Money on Accounting Fees

Over the years we have seen clients who are horrified by outrageous bills from their Chartered Accountants.

The simple solution – don’t expect your accountant to do your administration and bookkeeping. This can be done by yourself and/or an experienced accounts clerk or bookkeeper at a fraction of the cost.

You accountant’s job is to take your results, analyse them and advise you on the company’s performance, areas which you need to look at and improve. They should also be looking to the future and providing guidance. But until they have complete and accurate records, they can’t make sound recommendations. To put it simply, accounting is a snapshot of your business activity through sources like the bank account, debtors and creditors ledgers. With regular discipline and little effort you can keep your accounts in top condition and avoid large accounting fees.

Use the Right Person for the Right Job

Software: Most software suppliers know their product extremely well. However, when it comes to providing practical accounting solutions, they sometimes fall short as they lack the accounting and administration process experience. This can be crucial, as once the accounting system is set up incorrectly it is hard to change it. Ask heaps of questions and make sure they understand your company’s needs now and into the future factoring in any potential growth.

Tax Issues: We have encountered many different instances where people have formed their own companies and have not given much though to the structure of the company. When it comes to tax issues they discover that the setup prevents them from claiming certain expenses and/or losses incurred. When setting out to start a new venture, do your homework and consult an expert.

In General: We have learned over the years to stick to what we know best and leave the stuff we know nothing about to other professionals. The cost cutting ‘do it yourself’ method can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Using other professionals allows you to concentrate on working on your business and avoid unproductive time.