Software Implementation

Why Use Xero?

Here are our thoughts on why Xero is good for most businesses. There is the odd occasion where Xero may not be the best solution, so please give us a call for advice on 0448 037 387.

Xero Certified Advisor

Xero is smart! Leaving you more time to develop and grow your business. Xero has all the features of your usual accounting packages including;

  • Debtors
  • Fixed assets
  • Creditors
  • Price lists
  • General ledger
  • Expense claims
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Inventory
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes
  • Extensive reporting
  • and much more

Xero Implementation

Xero Implementation

With the launch of Xero, we have become a huge fan of this accounting package and we believe it is a must for many small, medium and even larger sized businesses. The only thing stopping people using Xero is the thought of implementing, so we offer a Xero implementation service.

Free yourself from the worry of doing the Xero implementation yourself

How Does Xero Compare With MYOB, Reckon One and QuickBooks Online?

In brief, the features are easy to use and understand, in fact it was designed with you, the business owner in mind. Business owners and their staff are able to use the software with minimal training required and assisted by their trusted financial advisor.  We have seen significant productivity gains when clients start using it. The user interface (the screen you look at) is easy to use and written in an intuitive manner meaning that you will quickly get up to speed on it. The dashboard is customisable and gives you a snapshot view of your business bank account balances, outstanding and overdue debtors, outstanding and overdue creditors as well as pending expense claims on one screen without having to generate a report.

MYOB, Reckon and QuickBooks Online have some features that are not yet available in Xero, but in general we feel confident in recommending Xero to you.

Xero shaping the future of accounting in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and the rest of the world

Is it Hard to Implement Xero?

If you are already using an accounting system, the switch to Xero is straightforward.

To gain maximum benefit from Xero, you may need to make small changes to your existing methods of bookkeeping, but being able to see where your business is tracking in real time can make a big difference in decision making. With any new system, it is going to take a little time to become familiar with it – but it is a very easy and intuitive system to use and we support you and your staff every step of the way until you tell us you are “ready to take off the training wheels and fly solo”.

How Long Will it Take and What Will it Cost?

For example:  one client whose books we were already keeping, we completed the setup within 5 hours and finished the first bank reconciliation. Of course, their accounting records were up to date and the chart of accounts was readily available. We also completed 2 hours of training delivered in 2 x 1 hour sessions.

At the other extreme, we have had a client with a ‘shoe box’ stuffed with receipts and bank statements which took a bit longer to deal with. We also recommended our Office Systems Development services to these clients.

We are happy to provide estimates once we have had a brief meeting or phone conversation with you, so please call us now on 0448 037 387.

Why Use Office Overload?

When running a business or out on site often it can be difficult to find the dedicated time to sit down and set up Xero. We are experienced in doing Xero implementations and can provide an efficient and swift service.

We work at the coal face. Our expertise at Office Overload Solutions is in the area of setting up systems and then using them on a day to day basis. We are practical people who will ensure you get a workable system.

After Implementation?

We can provide training to you and your staff, or if you do not have the staff or resources to maintain the system you can use our Office Overload team. We have a team of Admin staff and Bookkeepers who can be used on a part-time basis to prepare the accounts, GST returns monthly, quarterly or annually and produce relevant management reports from Xero, so you know where your business is heading on a day to day basis.

Our Approach

Our ApproachWe consult with you first to understand your needs, we then go away and scope and analyse your needs to ensure we get it right first time. We will then design & develop a system to meet those needs. Once we have your stamp of approval we will implement, customise and train according to your internal processes and requirements.

If you do not want to maintain the system yourself, we will provide the suitable skilled staff to maintain the system to the highest quality of service, professionalism and client satisfaction to ensure your company records are safe and secure.

Software Implementation

Software ImplementationIf you have been using MYOB or Quickbooks desktop solutions for a long time and you would feel more comfortable using the same brand of software, we will be more than happy to consult and assist with implementation in the same way. We support online accounting packages like Intuit Quickbooks Online, Reckon One and MYOB Live (Account Right & Essentials) and our approach and commitment will also be to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

If you need one of the 300+ add-on software solutions available in the Xero eco system we will consult and collaborate with the relevant software providers and manage the seamless transition to ensure the implementation, training and integration of all aspects of the project is completed on time and within budget and that it exceeds your expectations of service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Receipt BankOne of the add-ons that we are particularly passionate about is Receiptbank. We strongly believe that it is a must have for business when using online accounting software like Xero or Intuit. Receiptbank together with Xero take the pain out of accounting and record keeping for tax purposes. Managing those receipts, bills and supplier invoices seem to be a major headache in every business owners’ life. With Receiptbank, you simply take a picture of the receipt (from the Receiptbank mobile app on your phone) once you spend it and you do not have to worry to keep the paper copy. All bills, receipts and supplier invoices normally emailed to you can be forwarded directly into Receiptbank via a designated email. These transactions can also be automated, so they arrive in Xero without anyone having to manually get involved in the data entry process. All that is required is to have regular checks to ensure things are being allocated to the correct expense accounts. There is also no more double handling of paperwork, lost receipts or faded receipts you can’t read. A huge saving in time and ultimately cost. We will be more than happy to show you how it works.